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The Number One Mistake for Forex Traders: Losing Focus

by Scott Downing,

This article is one that I’m asked to do over and over again…and that’s because so many people fail to focus! In the article I’ll give you some rock solid tips and methods to staying focused, and in my Forex Toolkit I’ll give you an indepth video on making the methods stick! Get my kit here, and enjoy the report!

What you probably don’t realize is that the “mind game” of Forex trading is just as important as having a proper trading system. This is why up to 95% of novice fx traders blow up their accounts. They make simple mistakes that cause a downward spiral of confidence. Or they let greed and fear push them into that one crucial decision that costs them all their profits (remember the big leverage that Forex gives you is a double-sided sword).

We’ve been successfully trading and educating traders at for over 10 years and we know the proper mindset is extremely crucial to long-term trading success. One of the most important factors is to take the emotion out of your trading as much as possible. Logical, systematized, rule-based trading is a much better bet versus emotional trading and not having a plan.



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